Monday, January 16, 2012

Swagger Wagon

A couple of months ago we traded in our cool card for what I like to call the Swagger Wagon!  I never thought I would drive a min-van, but I am now the new owner of a 2012 Honda Odyssey! AND I LOVE IT!!!

Previously we owned a Honda Pilot and just felt like it wasn't meeting our needs.  That sounds crazy because we are a family of four and it seats 8, but not without me or someone else having to jump over the second seat to get into the back.  Well... that got old and it seemed like we   I was having to jump A LOT!  Not to mention that public parking spaces seem to be getting smaller and everyone else's vehicles were getting larger!  I would find myself driving around trying to find a parking space where I could open both back doors to get a car seat carrier out and squeeze in to try and unbuckle another car seat.  It was very frustrating!  I was often tempted to put ugly notes on peoples doors to explain why they had a nice white door ding on their car and explain that if they knew how to park, it wouldn't be there.  Ok, enough venting.... where was I? Oh yea, the SWAGGER WAGON! 

Some of my  friends had vans and talked about how much they LOVED them. So, after a few months of me kicking the idea around, I thought some random weekend in November was the weekend to go and look.  It was a hard decision and we had talked ourselves out of it, but decided to take the plunge and I DON'T REGRET IT!!!

I remember when I got the Pilot, I cried!  I was so sad to see my GMC Envoy go.  I LOVE IT!! It was the best car ever!  But, I was about 2 weeks from giving birth to Asher and felt like we needed something larger for our growing family.  The room was great, but I LOVED the Envoy.

Saying Good-bye to the Scratch Mobile

When I got the SW (Swagger Wagon) I insisted that I get to pick the color and everything... I wasn't going to settle on what they had.  If I was going to get a SW, it was going to be a cool SW.  I got it loaded with everything: leather, sunroof, back- up cam, etc! 

Not excited about the switching...

I feel very blessed to be able to get this van! It has definitely made traveling and even running errands with the boys very easy  manageable!

Unfortunely, yesterday as I was driving down the road, I got sick! I couldn't pull over fast enough to get out and threw up all over the dash!  YUCK!!! So, the new car smell is gone! And I can't even blame it on the kids! Anyone know how to take throw-up smell out of a car?

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  1. Oh! Haha! I'm so sorry you got sick, but I couldn't stop laughing when I read about it! Poor you! Haha! That is something that would happen to me. : ) I LOVE it! I think mini vans are the new "cool"! Seriously! Everyone we know that has one, loves it and would never go back! So happy for you! : )