Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Part 1---CHRISTmas Eve

So a friend of mine did her Christmas post in more than one post... and I thought that was genius!  We had not ONE, or TWO, but SIX! Christmas celebrations!  See why I thought posting Christmas in multiple post was such a great idea!   This doesn't even include our church Christmas gathering or work parties!

This year, we did something we have NEVER done before... we woke up in our own beds for Christmas morning. Since we were going to be home Christmas Eve, I made a roast and thought Asher and I could spend the day baking and doing fun little Christmas projects.  That idea sounded better in my head than what actually happened. 
Asher saying something.
He was more interested in eating chips that baking!
UGH!!! Boys!

Wanting to share his chips

Keston... check out that look!  All of you that don't believe my stories... this look explains him! SASSY!

Christmas Eve dinner
Shayne is covering his eyes as he is praying.  When Asher prays, instead of bowing his head, he covers his eyes. 
For our Christmas Eve dinner, I thought we could have a nice family dinner around the dinning room table. I even  bought chargers to go under the China.  Chargers are kind of a joke at our house because we went to two Christmas parties and they had chargers under the plates on their tables.  When I was shopping at Walmart, I came home and told Shayne that they were calling my name and I had to buy some.  Heck, they were 98 cents!  But, our baking day was a complete disaster, so we just ate at the kitchen table... some of us shirtless!  Food taste better that way, don't cha know!

After the boys went to bed, it was time for Santa! Santa was so excited to come to our house and leave his loot! 

It was a very Mickey Christmas!!!  Stay tune for Christmas Day!!!


  1. Loved your update! Your tree looked so festive! : )

  2. We used normal wall paint- the sheen was high gloss. Plain ol' Jane Lowes interior paint. : )