Thursday, January 12, 2012

CHRISTmas Morning

When I started this blog, it was with the intent of keeping up with our lives and to see how the boys have grown and change.  And also to help family and friends experience the moments with us that they otherwise miss since we all live away from each other.  So bear with me as this post will contain lots of photos that only grandmas and grandpas will ooh and aah over  (and of course mommies and daddies too).
Baby Keston's 1st Christmas

Asher coming down Christmas morning

Asher seeing all of Santa's loot

Trying to get a Christmas morning picture

and like so many other picture attempts, it turning into a wrestling match

So excited about Mickey jammies

Keston opening his first gift

Shayne opening his gift.  He thought it was just a cell phone case, BUT it is also a wallet!

Asher opening his Mickey CD player

and then doing a little jig

Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot diggity dog

Everybody now....

Showing Dadda his Tootles

Shayne surprised me with a North Face jacket... He's the BEST!

opening presents is a hard job....Baby Keston obviously built up an appetite


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