Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

This past weekend we had a busy but fun time!  I had completely forgot that Keston had a doctor's appointment to recheck his ears. He had had 2 ear infections over the past month (his first and only 2) and the doctor wanted to check to make sure that everything had cleared up this time around. So I rushed out of school Friday afternoon and picked the boys up from daycare and ran over to the doctor's office.  Everything looked good! 

Asher had been begging me to go fishing, so after the doctor's appointment, we ran home and threw some clothes in the suitcase and decided to surprise Papa and Mimi with a visit.  We were all prepared to shout, "SURPRISE" but they weren't home! They had decided to go out to dinner and a movie.  Thankfully Grannie lives around the corner so we loaded up and went and spent the evening with her. Asher enjoyed "swimming" in her large whirl-pool tub and playing with the ponies that were mine as a little girl.  After everyone was all clean, we headed back to Papa and Mimi's and snuggled in and waited for the party animals to come home!  But it was them that surprised us, because we had fallen asleep waiting on them to come home! 

The next morning Asher and Papa headed to the garden and when they returned Asher stated that he needed boots!  So since we were headed to the farm to finish, we made a stop to buy some boots!

After about 3 minutes of fishing, Asher caught his first fish and then decided he had had enough and it was time to break in his new boots.  He walked up and down the "mountain" aka "the hill" hunting for rocks.  Once we were all settled and fishing, we would hear a loud splash and see the satisfaction on Asher's face as he would throw the big rocks in the pond!  He still hasn't quite caught on to the whole concept of fishing.  But at least he looks cute doing it! And that's all that matters, right?



Breaking in his boots... now he's a real cowboy!


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, pictures of Asher in the field! : )

  2. Thanks! I could've posted tons of pictures! Now to decide which ones to print and frame!

  3. I like those boots. So fun to look at the pictures and read the captions.